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All items shown in this gallery are "unique" and may be sold at any time. Similar pieces can be made on a commission basis but will never be exactly the same due to differences in the wood and the whims of the woodworker.

If you would like to order an item or would like more information
to email me.

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SOLD (A similar Bowl can be ordered)
Part Number: B2010
Materials: Purpleheart (Brazil), Maple (USA)
Pieces of Wood: 49
Size: 8-1/4" Dia x 2-1/4" High
Price $250.00(US) plus shipping
SOLD (A similar Vase can be ordered)
Part Number: V3001
Materials: Maple (USA), Walnut (USA)
Pieces of Wood:  35
Size:  6" Dia x 12" Tall
Price:  $200.00(US) plus shipping

Part Number: B2011
Materials:Maple (CANADA) Walnut (CANADA) Padauk (AFRICA)
Pieces of Wood:49
Size:6-1/2" by 2-1/2" High
Price:$250.00(US) plus shipping
Part Number: B2012
Materials:Oak(USA),Maple(CANADA),Purple Heart(BRAZIL),Padauk(AFRICA)Walnut(USA)
Pieces of Wood:113
Size:6-7/8"Dia x 9-1/2"High
Price: $650.00(US)plus shipping
Part Number: B2013
Materials:Maple (CANADA) Purpleheart (BRAZIL)
Pieces of Wood:97
Size:8-3/4" Dia x 2-3/4" High
Price $250.00 (US) plus shipping
Part Number: B2014
Materials:Maple (CANADA) Purpleheart (BRAZIL) Oak (Canada) Ebony (Africa)
Pieces of Wood:121
Size:5-1/2" Dia x 2-7/8" High
Price $200.00 (US) plus shipping

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